Monday, July 15, 2013

Jumper Fish

Cooper started out this summer being quite timid in the pool. Fearful of letting go or being on his own, he swam in the pool with much hesitation. The more he practiced and the more experiences in a pool he had, the more comfortable he became. I was convinced he was becoming a fish.

Last week he finished his first course of swim lessons. He finished off his first round of lessons by pushing off, with his face in the water. While he improved leaps and bounds, his progress report said he lacked confidence. This weekend we helped him gain it.

After some coaxing and a lot of "come on, it's fun!" from six adults, Cooper warmed up enough to jump off the ladder!

Next, he asked me to film him jump off the side. And this is the hysterical conclusion to that request. 

Then dude got it. He jumped off the side.

Repeat this about 20 times and you have the rest of our afternoon in the pool. He even jumped off the diving board once!

He's now not just a fish, he's a jumper fish!

Friday, July 12, 2013


Have you ever experienced tightness in your whole body, your mind seems jumbled, and it seems you can never overcome the words "I'm tired"?

Me, too.

The past couple of months have been crazy and my tired body and jumbled mind muttered "vacation" and screamed it loudly until I heard. I needed a vacation. A day or two where I could sleep a little and have some down time.

Let's rewind a bit. Andrew was out of town for a week. Cooper took his absence pretty hard this time around. Tired momma + tired child = a week of survival mode. We coped by visiting the pool as often as we could (vitamin D always does the trick) and trying to "go" as much as we could. If we stayed busy it helped. I also coped by entering a world of novels. I think I read about 4 while Andrew was gone.

Andrew came home. Hooray! Oh, have a huge deadline fast approaching? You mean you won't be home again tonight? You mean you can't go with us to visit our friends this weekend? Andrew added it up...yep, he had been working some 100 hour weeks.

Vacation it was. I convinced Andrew to travel with me to Kentucky for the 4th of July weekend. Just picture it, Andrew...we could have a date night!...we could sleep in!...we can soak up some lovin' from the family and friends!'s the cheapest place we can run away to!

Away we went. Of the 3 full days we were there, Andrew worked 1 1/2 of them. On the 1/2 day he worked I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's why I was do nothing!

The 3 days "vacation" was good for my soul. Spending time with family fills me up. I got to see 2 great movies. I got to go on a date with my love. We got to see our friends, the Greene's. And, of course, Cooper got completely spoiled with lots of love and attention

When we left I told Andrew I could still use a couple of days at the beach all by myself. #kidding #notreally
Due to some wet bottoms from rain, Cooper got to wear this UK shirt one evening.

KCU campus walk with the Greene's.

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
Bee Bee Gun

Happy and Excited about movie and dinner sans child.

We were literally in the clouds for part of the drive home.