Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Boy

This Boy.

He's now a kindergartener and ROCKING it out.

He's finished another season of soccer. This season compared to the last time we played was vastly different. Last season he would cry and run off the field. This season he gladly ran around with his teammates. It took him a couple of weeks, but eventually he felt comfortable enough to try and kick the ball. My favorite was watching his eyes while he played. When he ran around the field, he would watch his friends, not the ball, looking at them with eyes of "Isn't this fun?? Are you having as much fun as I am??"

He is a source of joy and humor. This month has knocked our family back a bit. He has kept us laughing. From calling R2D2 "Artie D2" to hysterical one-liners and jokes he makes up (most always about poop and wieners) he makes us smile daily.

He keeps us going. He's given us reason to fight through struggles and to set great examples of  outstanding love and grace.

He's thoughtful and kind, and going to be a great husband. The other day I was having a hard time choosing what to wear on a date with Andrew. He heard me say "I just don't feel comfortable in it." He looked up at me, patted me, and said "Mom you look beautiful always."

This boy. 
He has our hearts. 
The more I sit back and watch, the more I'm seeing that he is capturing the hearts of pretty much anyone he meets.