Sunday, April 24, 2016

I used to be republican

Here's the deal. I used to be a republican; now I'm siding more and more with democrats. Not just democrats, far left democrats.  As of late I keep watching the news wondering what in the actual hell is happening to the political systems of our country. There could be a lot of debate and discussion about such things. Today I'm just going to share with you some of the reasons I've changed my mind.

1) God's word. I'm not naive anymore. I have changed. I have experienced hurts, deep wounds, and have walked away a different person. My eyes are open. My eyes see the hurt in others here in our country and in people around the world. Jesus has changed me, changed my heart on many matters, and I can no longer look at the world, and the path of this country, the same.
2) Freedoms and building walls.  I'm disgraced that we would be a country that builds walls. I'm disgraced that people are risking their lives and the lives of their children to be here, and instead of welcoming them with a just system, we are pushing them away. The families who do  make it here are often torn apart. The parents are being deported back to their home countries while their children are left to fend for themselves here. We have become a selfish country. We don't understand the depths of the freedoms we've been given. We've become entitled. So entitled we want these freedoms for ourselves. Here's an example: I want us to feel appreciative of our freedom to public education and send our kids to public school, and support our public schools. When we make decisions to send our children to private schools or homeschool (except for children with disabilities) it's like a slap in the face to our public school system. We are saying thanks for the freedom, but we don't want it. The people in other countries watching us decide not to partake in this freedom are probably looking at us in utter disgust. These people are willing to die so their children can get a good education. I heard one candidate say during a debate "let the children come." He gets it.
3) Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage.  These are things that many republicans preach about. I've come to realize something, though. Even if we outlaw these things, they will still happen. Abortions will still happen, even if they are outlawed. If they are going to continue to happen, I would rather these women have sanitary places and standards of practice for this to be done. We can outlaw same sex marriages. But women are still going to love other women, and men are still going to love men. They are going to want to be able to let these people they love make health decisions for them, parent with them, buy a house with them. I've looked into the eyes of people I love who are gay. I would never want them to be denied of these things because of their sexual orientation. Can I disagree with someone and still love them? I believe I can - not just that I can. I do. I do love these people even though I believe the bible's words on marriage. Can I love these people while I ridicule them and deny them of human rights? I don't believe so.
4) Republicans have pushed me to the other side. They have taken the majority in congress and in the senate. Instead of being able to work with democrats, they have gridlocked our country. They refuse to work with the other side. They want to take their stance and hoist it up. But below them are people asking for them to "make america great again." They have pushed a divide in this country, allowing hate and anger to resonate with them and it has spread. American republicans are so pissed off they are backing a man that pushes for division, not unity. I can not look at the men running for office on the republican side and support them. Not just the people running for office, the people around me who are republicans are ones who I often see as close-minded. I hear the things they say, and I want nothing to do with it. No where in their vocabulary am I sensing love. So when I look at this group and see what they are doing, and can't agree with their tactics, I leave their party.