Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tonight Cooper and I had a "date". Andrew didn't get home until late, so we had dinner, went to the park, and then got some ice cream.

While we were eating ice cream, I looked into his eyes and saw my reflection. His eyes are THAT clear. It was amazing.

That got me thinking about some other interesting things about Cooper. Some that those of you who are far away may not know, but would like to know. Also because I don't want to ever forget this Cooper, here we go:

He would live outside if he could.

He can throw, catch, hit, and kick a ball better than I can. He is going to be an athlete.

He can now consistently identify the colors red and blue.

He is now only wearing a diaper at night.

He is social - says hi to everyone.

He is being able to tell me about what he does at different places. And then he'll talk about them for days. "Played marbles at Julies." "Throw balls at church." "Train at Bella and Audra's" "Joey gave me train" "Ms. Sara gave me elephant game."

He misses the snow. He keeps asking for it.

He prayed at dinner...all by himself, without repeating us.

He gets scared when sad/bad things happen in a movie or tv show.

When I see this picture, I see a "grown up" Cooper. I think he will look a lot like this when he's grown up.

He is not ready to go see a movie in theaters. He can not sit still.

He is loving. He gives me hugs and kisses all day long. And he will say "wuv mommy" out of the blue.

He is pure boy. He jumps off things, without fear, all the time.

As much as I sometimes think otherwise, he is well-behaved.

He is a good kid.
I am so glad God has entrusted him to us. I hope we're making God glad.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The time Cooper was locked in the car.

Yesterday Andrew and I went to dinner with some friends. Before dinner, I had to take Cooper to the sitter.

I open the front passenger door and lay his bag, my purse, and keys, on the seat. Cooper climbs in through that door and makes his way to the driver's seat. I open the back door where Cooper's seat is. I tell him to climb back into his seat. So, he climbs to the back, then into his seat. I shut the front passenger door, buckle Cooper in, shut his door, and walk around to the driver's door.

Only I can't open it. And I can't open any of the other doors.

Apparently when he was in the drivers seat he pushed the lock button, locking the doors. And I had no idea.

Thankfully it was a nice day, not hot, and it was a comfortable temperature inside the car. He didn't freak out. He played with and talked to monkey and picked his nose for entertainment.

Andrew has never gotten home so quickly. He rescued us, and we were on our way to the sitters.

And we had a wonderful dinner with friends.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Coffee Date Monday: A Go Idea

Happy Monday!

I can say it's happy because:
1) Cooper slept until 8....and so did I!
2) I've got my coffee and it's good. (Did you know they make pantry packs of liquid creamer now? You can keep it in your pantry and refrigerate after opening? That way you can stock up if you need to)

Cooper just proclaimed to me, "make a idea!" What's your idea Cooper? "a go idea?" he said (good idea). What's your good idea, Cooper? Coloring on his potty with marker, of course.

Speaking of the potty. We have finished the 7 days of potty training. Day one was awesome. Day two, awful. Day three, discouraging. Day four, will it ever get better? Am I doing the right thing? Day five, wonderful. Day six, even better. Day seven, the light at the end of the tunnel. Cooper only had one accident yesterday and it was while we were at church. Cooper is at the point where he will go when we tell him to, but he doesn't tell us he has to go. Although I'm sure that will come after time. He also hasn't mastered's a completely different feeling. I'm sure that will come after time, too. So, this week, we're still putting stickers on his chart, still rewarding him for successes, and getting back to life outside of the house. I wouldn't consider him completely potty trained yet, but I'm happy with where he is. And my bank account is happy for the decrease in diaper purchases.
Cooper can ride a scooter now, like a big kid. Now that he's two he thinks he can do these things.

This weekend was a really great one. And fast. One of those weekends that ends with contentment.

Friday I fell down the porch stairs. I was trying to help Cooper get down because he was trying to be awesome and carry 3 stuffed animals at once as he walked down the stairs. It was my first time in many months wearing flip flops, and that combined with my need to help Cooper resulted in me falling. And when I fell there was a "loud" pop in my ankle. I don't know what's wrong. I can bear weight on it, and move it. It is sore and a little bruised. And it looks ridiculously fat when I wrap it for support.

I am not one for pain. So, when I fell, I became white as a ghost, started sweating, and my world started spinning. I thought I was going to pass out. This is why when we had Cooper, Andrew told me an epidural was a must.

So this weekend I was a little slower, hobbling. It didn't ruin the weekend, though.

Friday night we had a great night with some friends in Canton. We played outside, ate dinner, and grabbed some frozen yogurt.

Saturday was a day at home. Perfect in every way.

Sunday was church. Lunch. The Hunger Games. Dinner. Porch sitting and coffee for hours. Lovely.

We got a huge blessing in the mail this week! A package full of shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, pjs, and undies for Cooper. Thanks Nana and Grampsy! Our family has been so blessed by that package.
This week I've been trying to be thankful for all things. That's right...ALL things. The good, the bad, the ugly. I want to be joyful. I can only do that by first being thankful...for everything. So, when I start complaining or feeling discouraged about something, I start rattling off things I'm thankful for. Then I thank God for the bad and the ugly. And I really am. Thankful. Thankful that God has me in his hands when things around me crumble, when people hurt me, when I feel inadequate, when I struggle. Thankful that he uses those things to work for His good.

Have you tried being thankful in all things? Every circumstance? You'll be amazed at how joyful and contented you will feel.

"Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart."
Colossians 4:2

"Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances"
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Now THAT's a "go idea".

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring. Newness.

Spring is here, and it just might become my favorite season. Fall has been the season to take up the most room in my heart, but after just a few days of "official" spring weather, my heart is opening up more to spring.

We have flown kites.

Played outside.

Hung a bird feeder. (But someone please help me...I either have the wrong feeder or wrong birds are!)

Enjoyed trees blooming.
Enjoyed sunshine and warm weather.
There is a newness to spring. The people kind of remind me of bears coming out of hibernation. I've seen more people being active outside. See them playing with their kids. Plants are being potted, houses cleaned, patio furniture taken back out, outside toys played with. You see more smiles. It's like spring is announced and people kick themselves into high gear. They get ready for the next few months, because it's going to be cold again and they are going to enjoy every last bit of nice weather they can.

I think one of my favorite things about spring is it reminds me of my newness in Christ. Every day is afresh. Just like the dead grass is now green, so my old way of life is new.
A new life blossoming.
Beautiful in Christ.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coffe Date Monday: Adventures in Potty Training

Adventures in Potty Training.

Kind of reminds me of the movie Adventures in Babysitting. Then I'm reminded of my own years spent babysitting. (Just a little favorite past time game of word association for you).

I remember being so excited to start babysitting. 1) I loved babies. 2) I got paid

Then when I started babysitting, I quickly realized it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. There were a few crazy experiences of kids not listening, crying fits, and disrespect that I was glad to go back to my own life at the end of the night. (There were a couple of families that I was completely blessed to have the opportunity to babysit. Families I now model some of my parenting after.)

It was kind of the same with parenting. I was so excited to be a mom. I always, always, always wanted to be a mom. The double pink line indicating I was going to be one was an amazing sight. I remember the moment during labor and delivery that the doctor told me it was time to push. I started crying. Everyone else thought it was because of the pain - WRONG! I was crying because I knew from that moment on nothing would ever really be the same. Our little family of two was changing forever. Was I ready? Could I do it? The tears were tears of fear. Being a mom is one of the greatest things I've ever done. But, as was babysitting, it is not always all it's cracked up to be.

Today we embarked on another journey in parenthood: potty training. Having a child who can go to the bathroom on their own, no diapers to change (or buy!) and more freedom overall is something I am excited about. There was a moment today, though, after 3 accidents in the floor, that I was consumed with fear and doubt. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is he too young?

Most of those fears play into me not feeling adequate enough to take on this task. I'm finding that a lot of parenting boils down to how disciplined I am to stay on top of things. Potty training is no different. My eyes have been glued on Cooper and his underwear all day. Are you dry, Cooper? Do you have to go potty? There's the timer - it's potty time! You had an accident!? When we pee, we pee in here. When we poop, we poop in here. We have to flush, remember how Elmo flushes? Diapers are all gone cooper, no more diapers.

Today when I was having my moment of doubt, the voice of comfort spoke out. "You can do this. He's ready. It's only been a few hours. Don't expect too much the first day. It's in all the things you've read. It's going to be hard. But in the end it will be worth it. Don't. Give. Up." Out of my dark hole I came, with and encouraged heart. Cooper's next time on the potty: success! He peed. And I made quite the big deal out of it. Since that moment, we've had 3 successes and 2 accidents. I can't believe he has done as well as he has on day 1. The approach I'm using should have him trained in 7 days. *Fingers crossed* - It will take a very disciplined me to make it happen.

So, if you were over for coffee today, we'd talk about that, and how you have to sit on and walk over all sorts of towels at my house today.
And how the only way I can get him to stay on the potty for more than a couple of seconds is to turn on the tv with his discovery kids ball contraption to play with.

Isn't that how you go to the bathroom?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Coffee Date Monday: Perspective


Last weekend I was in Kentucky. I had gone in for my cousin's birthday. Sunday morning I was getting ready to pack everything up when my cousin called. Pappaw had died that morning.

Thankful I went in that weekend.
Thankful I got to see him the day before.
Thankful I was able to be there.
Thankful for the memories I have of pappaw.
The last two great memories of pappaw have to do with weather. As they carried his body out of the house Sunday morning, snow began falling. It was a peaceful, perfect. The day of his funeral it was in the 60s and the sun was shining. It was beautiful, perfect.
I had always been fearful of pappaw. I don't know why. He was just a type of man that I was afraid of. Didn't want to argue with him. Didn't want to disappoint him. So I never got "too close". Never asked too many questions.
When someone dies all of that comes to light. You realize how much you didn't know. You also realize how much you do know, and cling to it.
You cling to the things that person left. For me, it is my family. Pappaw left aunts, uncles, cousins, my mother, my brother. These people I love. These people I care for deeply. These people I will cling to.
This past Christmas Eve, everyone was together (a bit of a rarity). Pappaw, his 5 children, their spouses, his 11 grandchildren, their spouses, and 3 great grand children. Andrew made the comment about what it must have been like to be pappaw that evening. To look around and know that it all stemmed from you. To be 88, working hard your whole life, and to see the result of your hard work played out before you in your children and grandchildren. Pretty surreal.
This week I've not been feeling well. I've had a sore throat, stuffed up nose, sinus pressure headache, and I've been tired. I've taken naps on and off all weekend, to still be tired today. It will be a great accomplishment in my book if today I get the dishes done, dinner made, and Cooper still alive at the end of the day. It's one of those sicknesses where just taking a shower wears you out. So you can imagine my state of mind and body right now, as I have taken a shower, put dishes away, put dinner in the crock pot, and gotten cooper dressed.

I'm tired. Ready for a nap.
But today, I'm reminded how grateful I am to be alive. Pappaw was on his way to the kitchen to eat pancakes when he died. It can come at any moment for any of us. So, instead of being miserable in my sickness, I'll enjoy my relaxing day on the couch, letting Cooper get away with a lot. (cooper will enjoy that, too, I'm sure.) Thankful God has me here for another day, even if it is with a stuffy nose and drowsy eyes.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Photo Dump: Crazy Weather Week

When most people in Ohio hear that we moved there from Florida the response most often heard is, "Why?" Then there is some comment made about how awful the winters are.

February is supposed to be the worst month. However, February came and went and it wasn't too shabby. Only snowed a few times, and never too much.

This week we've had the craziest weather. Went from cool (50s) to cold (30s and 40s) to warm (upper 60s). We had sunshine, rain, and tonight - tornadoes. This weekend we are to expect snow. It has been crazy weather week.

With the sunshine and warmer weather, we have gone outside more. Tried to enjoy each ray of sunshine.

This weekend there are many birthdays to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, Carrie!
Happy 1st Birthday, Addison Jane!
Happy Birthday, Allison!
Happy 18th Birthday, Megan!
I love you all.

Have a great weekend!