Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A lot of advent.

We've done a lot of advent activities around here. I posted the first week here. The rest of the month's activities are in this post. Some I didn't take pictures. Some I only captured one picture. Some I captured about fifty. So, here you go...the mother load of advent post. 

We made a shepherd candy cane picture.

We wrote a letter to Santa.

We mailed that letter.

Whoops! My camera was on the wrong setting....sad day! This was the only shot of him putting it in the mailbox.

So, I switched the setting and had him stand in front of the mailbox instead.
Last year when we did this it was raining. This year...snow!

And we got a letter back! Whoever collects the letters from this mailbox writes letters back to the kids. It was an exciting day when he got a letter back from Santa!

We visited Santa.

Here's the video we took. He was a little timid and shy.

We made sugar cookie cut-outs.
This is the only picture I got of this whole process. I'm still not great at getting the frosting right, but they were yummy!

Cooper made snowflakes. Sarah and Bronson did this with Cooper while Andrew and I were out celebrating our anniversary.

We mailed cards to family.

Cooper put stickers on the back. He chose space theme and smiley faces. Now you know why there's an astronaut on your Christmas card. Sorry for the un-themed confusion.

We made a snowman.

We made lego Christmas pictures.

From left to right: Santa's house, Rudolph (minus a red nose), a wreath, a candy cane, a Christmas tree, and an ornament. He made the wreath and Santa's house on his own with no help.
We went to Christmas in the Park.
It was warm enough this day that all we needed were long sleeves and a sweater. 

There were a lot of people and the lines were really long. So, this is how we entertained ourselves.

Cooper said his favorite part of the night was riding this train.

We made rice crispy treat gingerbread men. I also saved these cut-out shapes for us to decorate for Santa.

We will be at church most of this afternoon. Andrew's already there. When he gets home, we will eat dinner and drive around to look at Christmas lights.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seven things. Part 7.

Last day of my seven things series. It's been so fun to write them and smile at our journey.

7 Things I Look Forward with Andrew.

Being Debt-Free! 
Need I say more? I can't wait to kiss student loans and credit card debt goodbye.

So many places we want to go together. So many adventures we want to take.
It's happening.

Cooper's Teen Years.
Ok, actually I'm completely terrified of those years. However, Andrew has a lot of knowledge and skills when it comes to those years. I'll be counting on him to help me through them.

Seeing where Andrew's creativity takes us. 
He's a dreamer, ya'll. We might be in Paris next year. Who knows! I do have confidence that his creativity will lead us to some great places.

Empty Nesting. 
I love Cooper, but man did we have fun before he was here! I know it will be so bittersweet, but I'm excited for the day it's just the two of us again.

Building a Home.
I think it would be awesome to literal build a home with him. But I'm talking more than a structure. I'm talking about what others feel when they enter the structure of our home. I'm talking about the roots we give Cooper. Can't wait to see what our home becomes.

I know it sounds crazy. But I'm happy to grow old with Andrew. I'm happy to be gray with him. (Let's be honest - I'm already there). I can't wait to look back on our life and smile.

To Andrew - 
These past seven years have been a wild ride, but I wouldn't want anyone else next to me.  
I'm so glad you chose me to do life with you. 
Thanks for choosing me every day since "I do." 
Here's to us! 
Here's to our future!
I love you. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Seven things. Part 6.

Top seven memories with Andrew since marriage.

Our honeymoon.
Where else would we go but Disney? It was so nice to get away just the two of us. Wish we could do it more often.

Trip to NYC. 
Traveling with him is one of my favorite things. Experiencing this city with him was fun.

When I told him I was pregnant with Cooper. 
His head went back in disbelief. Followed by the sweetest kiss on the forehead.

The way he looked at me after I had Cooper. 
It was a different look. One of more love. Maybe some amazement thrown in there? Also, exhaustion. He had some tired eyes, too.

Our transition from Florida to Ohio. 
One of the hardest times, but memorable in many ways.
This was taken our last night together in our florida home.

We have the best talks during them. Now we get to take them with a cute sidekick.

Pillow talk. 
Such good conversations and a lot of laughter in those moments right before slumber. Not only does our cute sidekick take walks with us, he snuggles with us, too.

Andrew, I'm glad that I get to share and make memories with you. We've had some amazing ones these past 7 years. I love you.