Monday, December 16, 2013

Seven Things. Part 2.

This day, 7 years ago, Andrew and I had a most beautiful ceremony in which we said, "I do." And we had a most fun reception to follow. I can almost relive this entire day in my memory. And I'm glad that I can remember a lot of it. I remember being purposeful with putting things away in my memory that day. I tried to savor so much of it. While I remember a lot, I've chose 7 to share with you today.

7 Most Memorable Moments from our wedding day.

I was surprised at how much of my family made it down for the wedding. All sides and all distances made it. It was amazing. And so special. That morning we went to breakfast with some of them. And I'm so thankful we did. At the wedding and reception you don't get a lot of time to sit down and catch up. It was so nice to have those moments with them that morning. And I won't forget the looks on my mom, dad, brother, and grandparents face when they first saw me dressed. My family - every one of them - has been one of the biggest blessings I've had. So grateful they were there for and a part of my wedding day.

Walking down the isle.
The church we married in didn't have a center isle. So as we walked I only saw the people there, not Andrew. I held on tight to my dad as we walked down. As we were walking I remembered that I forgot to put the veil over my face. I remember telling him we forgot as we walked. I remember a lady who I used to babysit for and had moved away reaching out her hand and grasping me as we neared the end of the isle. I remember smiling at each one of my bridesmaids before I locked eyes with Andrew. Who knew so much could be remembered from a short walk? It was one of the greatest walks I've ever taken.

Andrew crying.
It was my goal that Andrew would see me and cry. Well, he didn't cry when he saw me, but he did have to stop a couple of seconds during the vows to catch his breath. When he took a deep breath and breathed out, I remember my hair and veil blowing a bit. Many don't know it, but he has his sentimental moments. That was one of them.

My girls.
I have no regrets about who stood with me that day. Each one of them I would choose again. I had my two closest friends from high school: Stephanie and Erin. I had my girls from college: Allison, Amanda, and Erin. And I had Andrew's sister, Ashleigh. They were the perfect girls. Supportive, laid back, and helpful. All of them still are to this day.

Throwing up in the bathroom during our reception.
I had an incredible peace all day long. But as soon as we got to the reception the nerves hit. The thought of what was going to happen after the reception freaked me out. I was so nervous that I couldn't eat. When I went to the bathroom the nerves came out in the form of throwing up. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget my dress taking up all of the stall while I lost my lunch. Afterward, I walked back onto the dance floor for the father/daughter dance. Classy, I tell ya.

Brooke Bailey running her hands all over my dress.
She was a sweet little girl who was so mesmerized. I guess to her I looked like a princess. Her mom still talks about how embarrassing it was. However, I loved it. It was one of the sweetest things. It made me feel like a princess.

As you've figured out by now, it's my love language. It's no surprise that it make the list. I got to dance with Andrew, my dad, my brother, and a slew of other people. I also got to watch other people have fun on the dance floor. My aunt even danced a hole in her panty hose! It was amazing. And fun. Fun and amazing.

Andrew, I'm so glad you are the one to whom I promised "I do". You are the one I prayed for years before we even met. The day we got married was the start of a crazy journey. Thanks for taking my hand 7 years ago today. I love you.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our day.

I love this picture because of my mom. And it helps me remember her broken wrist!

I love this woman.

My love and his guys. They are all babies here.

Love these girls.

There is so much about this picture that I love.

We wanted a candlelight, Christmas ceremony. I think we achieved the vision.

Andrew's family.

My family.

Hi girls!

I know this picture is so random, but I love how happy everyone is. And, I love Aaron's face.

Happy first dance.

Our cake was delicious. People still talk about how good it tasted.

Aunt Susie dancing a hole into her hose.

This picture made me tear up. It's so, so precious now.

A perfect goodbye to a perfect day.

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