Friday, June 28, 2013

A summertime miracle - photo dump and random happenings

This long past week was a long and busy one for us.

We've experienced a few mornings of summertime miracles. I call summertime miracles sleeping in. The sun comes up so early here and Cooper has a hard time sleeping in during the summer. Well, this week we've experienced an 8:45 am wake up, and a couple of 8:15-8:30 wake-ups.

This past weekend I did my best to wear cooper out - mostly using means of the pool. I think it worked. We have spent more time poolside this month than we did all of summer last year. Apparently Cooper snapped this picture at the pool on Friday.

We also spent the night at our friends house. And I got to do my morning quiet time with this amazing view.

We had breakfast with them. And they served Cooper a huge plate of bacon. And he ate all of it!

When we left they uttered life into my child. "We love you, Cooper. You are important to us." That sentence cause God to move in my heart in many ways. I need to tell Cooper he is important. Thanks for speaking life into my child (and me!), Lee.

Andrew was out of town last week. I was uncharacteristically emotional with him gone. I'm not sure if it was him being gone, God working on my heart, or the super moon - maybe all of them combined. Cooper was been emotional, too. Every morning the first thing out of Cooper's mouth - "Is daddy home yet?". He's also said many times, "I miss daddy." And one time "I miss daddy forever." It did seem like it was a long time.

Cooper's T-ball game was cancelled this week because of weather. But he still had swim lessons...which sometimes stress me out. He fights putting his head under water, and practicing is like pulling teeth. If practicing for swim is any sign of what we're in for when he has homework at school we're in trouble.

By the end of the swim lesson Cooper did so well! I'm hoping it was all our time in the pool this week, but I have a feeling it was more to do with bribing him with a chocolate chip cookie.

I could probably classify this video as a summertime miracle, too!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

T-Ball, Game 1

This summer we are venturing into the world of sports! That's right, folks...cooper now plays t-ball!

First of all, let me just say that the teacher in me has a hard time sitting on the sidelines and not being in control. When I see some disorganization it makes me cringe. I am practicing letting go through this sports season we are in. The coaches don't need my input - they can figure it out. And if they don't figure it out then we can all learn some lessons. I was glad during this week's first game that I had my camera in hand. It helped me sit back and relax. So, I guess we have my practice of letting go to thank for the following pictures and videos.

Have you ever watched a 3&4 year old t-ball game? It's hilarious! The hour game was free entertainment for those watching on. It's really just an hour of practice. There is no score. There aren't really any "outs". It's hit the ball, try to catch it, and see if you can get to the correct base.

It was funny to see Cooper hit the ball and then instead of running to first base, run to his own ball.

It was funny to see Cooper run the bases with the opposing team instead of trying to catch the balls they hit into the outfield.

When someone would hit the ball, the whole team would run for the ball, then run to the base. So, you'd have about 5 orange shirts surrounding the one yellow shirt as they ran to first base.

We had fun watching the game. We are extremely proud of Cooper. He is best at hitting the ball. He's also got a good arm...but throws too far for the littles he's throwing to. He was a (pretty) good listener, and he was attentive and interactive the whole game.

The orange team and coaches


huddle before the game

waiting his turn to bat

there was rarely a moment he wasn't smiling

these sweet girls decided to sit after the first inning. Flowers are so much more fun! 
Play 2nd base? No, I'll just play with my coach instead.

proud daddy and love of my life

one ball, three players trying to get it 

game over! 

We've got 5 more games! In august we get to try our hand at soccer.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Coffee Date Monday: Father's Day

Whoa! It's been so long since I've sat down to type something on here.

I've decided to break the silence. I can't take credit for today's post, however. It was written by one handsome dude.

"My Dad"
by Cooper

My dad is funny because he eats all by himself "butt" and he says, "booger butt".
My dad thinks I am funny when I'm playing my hungry hungry hippos all by myself.

My dad is 4 years old.
His favorite thing to do is play with his toy that goes "bjjjjjj".

His favorite color is blue, red, and black.
My dad's job is to work at church.

He loves to eat butt.
He is really good at playing with me.

My dad loves when I do the dishes.
My dad always says, "Eat Cereal."

My favorite thing about dad is playing.

Cooper dressed up in Andrew's clothes and answered some questions about his daddy, which we compiled into a gift. That last picture is too much for me.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Father's Day, celebrating the men in your life. I pray you have men in your life who influence you as spiritual leaders.