Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New soil; a quick post about all our visitors.

Have you ever heard the phrase "grow where you're planted"? Sometimes that's hard to do.  When your plant is used to one type of soil and is taken out and put down in completely different soil, it takes time to adjust. Andrew and I have now done this twice. We have removed our plants and put them down in completely different soil. Florida to Ohio, then Ohio to Texas - each place SO different than the other. This process is tough each time, but worth it. We have needed different soil to grow and produce better fruit. But the beginning months in a new place is still - maybe always - hard.

Since February we have had a steady stream of visitors. These people that have loved us and stood by us in moments past have banded together to give us legs and support as we find our way in a new city. With each visit they have been woven together with the new people we are meeting.  These friends - the combined old and new - have given us a great start to our life here in Texas. Life takes all of us in different directions. Some of these directions we choose. Some of these directions are ones we would never have chosen ourself. But in each stop, we have found people we love; people who love us; people who make life sweet in good times and sweeter in bad. While our roots have been adjusting to  life in this new city, it's been so nice to have these visits to give us water, sunshine, and food to help our roots take hold here.

To our friends and family who have sweetened life with your visits, thank you. To the friends we are making in Texas, we are looking forward to sweet moments with you.