Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maine, Part 4 - My favorite day

Tuesday was our first and longest day of hiking and exploring. It was my favorite day of the trip.

We started out at Sand Beach. The sand is actually crushed up shells.

There was a hiking trail next to the beach that we went on first. The views were amazing. We also learned from a guide touring behind us that at the top of the trail there used to be an old tea house.

See my very red from being on a boat face?

After that we drove around Park Loop Road, stopping at different places, checking out the views, exploring, watching others explore, and enjoying each other's company. You'll notice that in many of these photos and videos, Sarah is off exploring (aka Dora the explorer) and Adam is usually close behind her. Andrew and Bronson would travel either with them or a safe distance behind them. And Julie and I would stand furthest behind, happy to live through the day and watch the others hopefully survive their exploration. You'll also see many similar pictures. Some of them close up, some of them zoomed out...just to give you an idea of how high up/how far down everyone really was.

This picture makes me laugh. Each couple was loving on each other...and I'm so lonely in the middle.

Looking in the tide pools. A lot of tide pool looking happened this week.

We went to a beach that had a bunch of rocks. Pebble beach, maybe? There was no sand, and when the water ran back down after the wave came in it made a really neat sound.

In the early afternoon, we stopped at Jordan's Pond House, famous for their popovers. They were delicious, and the scenery was beautiful. You could see bubble mountains in the background. There were people lounging on the grass. It was wonderful.

After that we went on one more hike. This was the hike where I was pretty much done. So, I stopped while the others went on. From what I was told the scenery when they got there was cool, but the climb was what made the hike. There were crazy rocks they had to climb/scale. While they were scaling, I was doing my own new adventure...peeing in the woods.

That night Adam and Julie went out to dinner with friends and the other four of us went to a very local Irish bar. Fun fact: it's the closest Irish pub to Ireland in the United States. The food was delicious. The company perfect. After dinner we walked around to some of the shops before heading home. There was much head gear to be tried that night.