Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Man

Last week was Mr. Sale's birthday.

I am so blessed to be this man's wife. 

Blessed that this man is the father of my child.

Blessed that this man prays for us.

Blessed that this man continually walks with Christ.

Blessed that this man comes home and chooses us every night.

Blessed because he gives us laughter.

Blessed because he gives us comfort.

Blessed he works hard every day so that I can stay home with Cooper.

Andrew, my love, thank you for all you do. 

We celebrated with a fun night of friends, food, and fun games.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Fear

I have been holding out on this post because I had dreams of putting pictures and and video into one big video. But, alas, it is two months later and it's probably not happening.

In September we went to the Swiss Festival. Last year we heard everyone talk about it and were excited to go. We heard about cheese on a stick, doughnuts, rides....who would want to miss it? But when we were supposed to go it rained and was cold. So we partied at our friends house instead.

This year we were able to go, and the weather was quite nice!

Cooper rode his first roller himself. The kid has no fear.

Well, maybe a little fear, because the first couple of times around on the track he looked absolutely terrified mixed with being on the verge of puking. I was in the middle of video taping and decided to stop it. After we cheered excitedly every time we went by he eventually warmed up and enjoyed it. So, I turned the camera back on to video him having a good time. Enjoy these videos.

He also rode this car ride.

And the carousel with daddy.

Next to the carousel was a big rocket that he was way to little to ride. Ever since then whenever we talk about him getting bigger or older he asks, "now I can ride the rocket?"

He also ate his first corn dog.

Good family fun.