Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Two years ago, I shared this post for Father's Day. This year we decided to do it again. 

"My Dad"
by Cooper

My dad is funny because he tells silly words about me.
My dad thinks I'm funny when he's talking to me.
My dad is 30...right, mom?
His favorite thing to do is play with me.
His favorite color is blue, black, orange, red, gray, and white.

My dad's job is going to church.
He loves to eat coke zero
He is really good at playing video games.
My dad loves when I beat bad guys.
My dad always says, "You're awesome."
My favorite thing about dad is that I love him and that he loves me, too.

Watching you be a father is one of my life's biggest pleasures. Your mini-me is growing up to resemble you in so many ways. Learning fatherhood from your example is setting him up to be a successful father.
"You're awesome."
We love you.