Thursday, October 31, 2013


Trick-or-treating is one of my favorite things since moving to Ohio. The streets are lined with people, and the candy passers sit out on their decorated porches. It's a perfect environment for great memories with Cooper.

Last night we trick-or-treated in New Phila. We went with our friends, Sarah and Bronson, and their baby Henry. This year we had a Ninja Turtle theme. Here is our night in pictures.

He posed himself like this.

Henry was Raph and Cooper was Mikey.

Cooper has a pretty big case of big brother blues when Henry is around. He has a hard time with the attention Henry receives, and hasn't wanted to be too close to him. So, this picture of him not only close to Henry, but smiling at Henry makes me smile. 
Andrew: Donatello, Me: April O'Neal, Coop: Michaelangelo
(Cooper said Daddy had to be Donatello because Donatello saves April O'Neal.)

Don't mess with us.

Cooper does a ninja run with his arms out behind him.

My brother texted me asking if Cooper was having fun. I texted him back with this picture and a simple "yep".

Hope everyone had a great and fun Halloween!


  1. The fact that he had you be April because Donatello saves her...OMG melts my freakin' heart! Great pics!