Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Review

Our summer in pictures.
...and some captions...

Blanket Fort Family Time
the arrival of Nabbit

Sleeping #1

Aaron visited for a weekend.  #glorious

This was a welcomed read in the waiting room...had a lot of dental work at the beginning of the summer.

Boo House

the arrival of a huge mario

snuggles after being apart for a week

lego movie night at church

we washed all his rides

kaylin visited. we did amish country right.



4th of july kan-jam

i didn't get the silly face memo while...waiting for fireworks

popcorn mouth

H and Coop...took this picture because they were such opposites in this moment.

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bath pain

lego building. from left to right: mario, luigi, yellow toad, blue toad

morning lounging

sleeping #2

sleeping #3

he did it all himself

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more lego building: fire flower

breakfast date with mommy

we play mario with the mario hat on now

fun with cousins

she wanted to come home with us!

this is the only picture i got when we saw TMNT. He was hiding from Andrew

breakfast date with daddy

first time seeing beast on Beauty and the Beast #classic #sofunny

staff night fun at church

Summer is over, friends.

Maine, Part 8: The One with all the Dancing

90s music was pretty much the 7th person on our trip. It accompanied us all the time. We danced to it in the car, down the streets, while we ate....everywhere.

Thursday night we puzzled a good amount, but not without dancing and jamming to 90s music. Well, Sarah and Andrew did most, all of... the dancing. Someone had to film it! This is also how the whole "Andrew serenading Bronson" moment came about. These videos are so good that I had to dedicate an entire post to them. I dare you not to laugh when you watch them.

Maine, Part 7: Lupines and Saying Goodbye

Friday morning after breakfast Adam, Sarah, Bronson, Andrew, and I hiked to an island where we could see bar harbor. We could even see the house we stayed in!

But better than the view we saw that morning was the lupine field. Beautiful.

I made Sarah take this picture with me. And I'm glad I did. She has become my closest friend here in Ohio. I'm thankful for her. I'm grateful for her. I love her. I love our friendship. I'm glad we got to spend this week together.

After our hike we went on one last souvenir trip. Andrew challenged Sarah to a yo-yo contest. His challenge was accepted.

After packing, cleaning, loading the car, and realizations that we weren't going to see any moose, we said goodbye to Bar Harbor. We had a long car ride home, through the night. I'm going to give myself and Sarah a pat on the back and mention here that we rocked the night shift; keeping each other entertained with conversation, stand up comedy, but mostly conversation. We made it home safely early Saturday morning.

Words that, to me, describe our trip: awesome, beautiful, relaxing, fun.

Now that I've caught up with our Maine trip, maybe I need to catch up with the rest of our summer fun.